Doctors from the US have discovered a new form of dementia

Doctors from the University of Kentucky in the US found in the plaques of patients with Alzheimer’s disease atypical proteins. This indicates the existence of a new form of dementia and has set scientists a difficult task.

Медики из США открыли новую форму деменции

American experts have discovered the unknown up to the present time a manifestation of the deterioration of mental abilities. The most common form of dementia is the Alzheimer’s disease, which still remains a mystery to doctors, but studied over the years. The reason for the decline of intelligence is called the formation in the brain of amyloid plaques – clusters of proteins that impede the functioning of cells. In Alzheimer’s disease, increases the concentration of Tau-protein and beta-AMOLED in the body. Due to a misunderstanding of the origin of disease it can be difficult to deal with it. In 20% of cases dementia is accompanied by accumulation of amyloid, TDP-43. A new study by scientists under the leadership of Eric Ebner pointed out that the increase of the named substances in the body the development of Alzheimer’s disease is not completed. The manifestation of one form of dementia associated with clots of the four abnormal proteins.

The study authors examined data of autopsy brain 375 people with dementia. 25% of them found atypical alpha synuclein. The concentration of this protein is usually increased in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Scientists call this syndrome QMP. The health of people with intellectual disabilities was controlled by the physicians within ten years. In the end it turned out that patients with four amyloid dementia developed rapidly. Based on the results of a new study, the experts concluded that the complexity of the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Even in the case of a drug from this disease, scientists will have to deal with TDP-43 and alpha-synuclein.

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